Let’s Work Together to End Trafficking

We need the cooperation and coordination of all of our community members to bring an end to human trafficking. By bringing awareness of the problem to your friends and family, oorganizing an event, club, or activity with the goal of educating larger groups, or simply donating to the cause, your support is what keeps the foundation going. The only way we can beat human trafficking is with the help of people like YOU!

How We Act To End Trafficking

Bringing Attention to the Crime of Human Trafficking

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Human trafficking can be difficult to identify if you are unfamiliar with the crime. We teach what to look for and how to deal with the situation once it is identified.

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From assisting with events, to providing curriculum and materials, we also partner with a number of anti-human trafficking organiztions and schools.

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While our website is the cornerstone of Just Ask Prevention Project, we bring awareness of human trafficking through multiple channels.

Acts You Can Take To End Trafficking

There Are All Sorts of Ways That You Can Help

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There are a number of ways for you to get involved. From printing and distributing flyers to hosting an event or talking about the issue with your friends and family, you can reduce the impact. CONTACT US FOR SUPPORT

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Check to see if your school has a human trafficking awareness club already, and if not get one started. We’re here to help you get one off the ground.

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We always have new ideas to help spread awareness to erradicate this terrible practice. From films and events to digital technology, we’re just getting started. Donate

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You’re Not Alone

We Provide a Number of Outstanding Resources

We partner with a number of anti-human trafficking organizations and task forces to provide helpful resources. Check out some of our tool kits that we have developed for parents and teens in order to counter trafficking.

JustAsk Teen Tool Kit

JustAsk Parent Tool Kit

JustAsk Teen Tool Kit (Spanish)

JustAsk Parent Tool Kit (Spanish)

Stories of Survival

“Two months after having sex for money I told my “boyfriend” I didn’t want to anymore. He yelled and screamed and then hit me. He told me I was “worthless” and he had other girls that made more money. My world was crushed and I couldn’t believe he lied to me. I stopped talking to him but I have trouble trusting people, I always think I am dirty and began isolating myself from everyone.”