Iowa Sex Trafficking Victim Shares Her Story

We stand and applaud this woman, a survivor with the determination to take back her life. “I will not be anyone’s victim anymore,” she said. “I refuse. I’m done.” Watch this video to hear her story and then share your thoughts.

New search engine exposes the “dark web”

Watch this video about a fascinating new tool law enforcement will have at their disposal to unearth sex traffickers and sex trafficking rings! DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) is behind this promising new powerful search tool. What do you think? ‪#‎humantrafficking‬ ‪#‎awareness‬ ‪#‎justaskva‬

Google Public Policy Update

BIG kudos to Google! Google has made it easier for human trafficking victims to contact organizations to get help! ‪#‎humantrafficking‬ ‪#‎endsextrafficking‬ ‪#‎awareness‬ “According to the U.S. Trafficking In Persons Report, there may be more than 20 million trafficking victims at any time in the world, but only about 40,000 victims are identified each year. To connect victims of human trafficking …

Brooke Axtell, survivor of human trafficking and domestic abuse storms the Grammys

If you were unable to watch the Grammys or missed this purely inspirational speech by Brooke Axtell, a sex trafficking survivor, please watch it now. Let us know what you think. “I was terrified of him, and ashamed I was in this position,” she said in her speech at the Grammys. “I believed my compassion could restore him and our …

The Forgotten Children: Sex Trafficking in America

Watch this video about a NY detective who has dedicated his efforts to finding teenage sex trafficking victims in New York. What an amazing individual with a huge drive to bring home teenagers who have become a commodity in this crime against humanity. Let us know what you think. ‪#‎humantrafficking‬ ‪#‎awareness‬

Teen Sex Trafficking Forum Held at West Springfield High School

Read this article about Just Ask’s recent forum on human trafficking. The forum was held at West Springfield High School and proved to be a big success at raising awareness. We’ve had positive feedback from students, educators and parents alike. Please read this article and let us know what you think.

Want to Fight Human Trafficking? Volunteer.

“It’s just people – ordinary people like you and me – showing up and getting involved in the fight against a terrible problem that, in one way or another, impacts the communities where we live and, more importantly, is a blight on the lives of literally millions of people who are being exploited by traffickers.” Read this article and let …

U.S. Department of Homeland Security- Out Of the Shadows PSA

We MUST open our eyes to human trafficking here in the United States. It’s a reality and pretending that it doesn’t exists won’t make it disappear. Victims of this horrific industry need our help. Watch this PSA by the Department of Homeland Security and let us know what you think. #humantrafficking #awareness #bluecampaign

DHS Blue Campaign

[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_column_text]The Blue Campaign is the unified voice for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) efforts to combat human trafficking. Working in collaboration with law enforcement, government, non-governmental and private organizations, the Blue Campaign strives to protect the basic right of freedom and to bring those who exploit human lives to justice. Awareness and Education Through the Blue Campaign, …