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  1. This very moving article and video about a trafficked Iowa young woman appears to be about a different person from the Iowa person who was recently reported by a trucker in New Kent County, VA (She is an adult and was sixteen when trafficked – circumstances of rescue are different, too.). I was a little confused and expecting something else at first, but this is certainly worth reading. Both stories are very sad, and this one is particularly illustrative of how trafficking is an issue for everyone. The New Kent County story is an excellent example of seeing something and saying something. It details a young woman’s plight and reminds us that our own actions can save lives. I stand and applaud this truck driver, too. He exercised his skills of observation and, as a father, grandfather, and simply a human being, he showed compassion. Perhaps post a link to an article about the trucker’s good deed.

  2. Elizabeth, thanks so much for your suggestion! This truck driver, Kevin Kimmel is indeed a hero and his good deed saved one young woman from additional torture she would have endured, had he not taken action. I found a story about Mr. Kimmel’s good deed and I’ve created a new blog post to that story. Thank you!

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