Working together to end human trafficking.

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“This is not a problem that is relegated overseas. It is a reality in communities throughout the United States, affecting our neighbors, our families, and many of the most vulnerable members of our society. Look beneath the surface in our communities and you will find young people living through nightmares — being targeted in our streets, hotels, malls, and increasingly, …

Girl Scouts Trafficking PSA (LKT Holliday Project)

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Let’s hear it for the Girl Scouts in Saverna Park, Maryland! Take a look at this Human Trafficking PSA that was broth written and directed by Girl Scouts in MD. What do you think?

Obama signs anti-trafficking bill into law

It’s official. The Justice for Trafficking Victims Act is now a federal law. By signing the JVTA, President Obama gave law enforcement a new tool to catch and prosecute traffickers. The President’s signature ALSO provides survivors with the concrete support needed to reclaim their lives. Way to go, US Congress and President Obama! Read this article and let us know …

Congresswoman Comstock is committed to fighting human trafficking!

Congresswoman Barbara Comstock is committed to fighting human trafficking! Take a minute to read through Congresswoman Comstock’s newsletter. Scroll down a bit, to read about her efforts in the battle against this horrific crime.

The A Spotlights JUST ASK VA!

The A Spotlights JUST ASK VA and EVERYONE is invited! For details, click on the following link:

House sends human trafficking bill to Obama

Hooray! The Justice for Victims of Trafficking Act must clear one more hoop before it becomes a federal law. We’re hoping President Obama signs the bill, soon. Trafficking victims can’t wait!