Human Trafficking Panel Presentation: The Situation in Northern Virginia

Human Trafficking Panel Presentation: The Situation in Northern Virginia With special guest: United States Representative Barbara Comstock As U.S. Representative of Virginia’s 10th Congressional District, Barbara Comstock has made human trafficking and child sex trafficking a priority throughout her career in public service. She has sponsored or co-sponsored numerous bills aimed at addressing the large and growing problem of human …

Sex trafficking bill back on the table in Washington, D.C.

Upon its return to Washington, D.C. congress will revisit the stalled human trafficking bill. We’re hoping the issues are resolved soon. Trafficking victims deserve justice and support. Watch this short video and let us know what you think. ‪#‎endsextrafficking‬ ‪#‎justaskva‬

Task force assembled to combat sex trafficking in No. Va.

From George Mason University’s publication, Fourth Estate: “In January of 2014, the Northern Virginia Human Trafficking Task Force created a website to inform citizens of the Commonwealth about this problem. The “Just Ask” prevention project is a website that features information that defines human trafficking, who is most vulnerable, how to recognize signs of human trafficking and resources for victims.” …

Human Trafficking In The United States: The Cold and Very Hard Statistics

“Human trafficking is a $32 billion criminal enterprise, making it the second largest criminal industry in the world behind the drug trade. According to the Department of Justice, 83 percent of sex trafficking victims in the United States are American citizens.” (From Shared Hope International.) What do you think?

Reston gang members charged with human trafficking

Right here. In Northern Virginia. Read this article to learn how gangs are engaging human trafficking. Just Ask’s own Detective Bill Woolf says “many organized gangs treat human trafficking like a legitimate business and run it with financial acumen, using established accounting principles that they apply to their newly adopted trade. “Many have done cost-benefit analyses and have found that …

Watch this short video about a Oklahoma teen who was forced into prostitution. Please share your thoughts.

Congresswoman Comstock: Human Trafficking Is a Problem in Northern Virginia

Congresswoman Comstock speaks out about the human trafficking scourge that exists right HERE in our back yards. Read this article, share it, and let us know what you think. ‪#‎endsextrafficking‬ ‪#‎justaskva‬

Woman who escaped human trafficking now helping others

Please, please take a moment to watch this video about one amazing trafficking survivor who both values her freedom and feels she a responsibility to tell her story and raise awareness. In this compelling video, Jessa Dillow-Crisp quotes Eleanor Roosevelt to explain why she is speaking up to help other victims–“With freedom comes great responsibility”. Let us know what you …