National Human Trafficking Intelligence Center


The National Human Trafficking Intelligence Center is a division of the Just Ask Foundation that seeks to partner with the Federal government. This integrated, collaborative approach will serve as a force multiplier enhancing current efforts at combating human trafficking.



  • To create an innovative and effective human and technology-based solution to improve the pace of the international, national, regional, and local response to human trafficking
  • To provide a centralized repository for up-to-date, vetted information relative to human trafficking (public and law enforcement sensitive)
  • Provide coordination between Federal, State and Local efforts that improves information sharing among related efforts
  • Direct resource allocation and technical support to state and local governments
  • Assist localities as they adopt best-in-class programs to combat human trafficking

Some of the Benefits

  • Respond to real-time threats and movements of known or suspected traffickers
  • Serve as a force-multiplier to law enforcement operations to interdict, dismantle and prosecute human trafficking networks, as well as to rescue and recover victims
  • Provide law enforcement access to analytical tools and resources that are not readily available in most agencies, like preventive analytics that can help provide a clearer picture of the issue
  • Identify regional hot spots for human trafficking, new trends and methods, victim and offender
  • Present informed responses to human trafficking protection, prevention, and prosecution

Reach us at:
(571) 363-2875 x 101 (office)
(571) 641-7779 (mobile)